Keyword Density Calculator

Keyword Density Calculator

Calculate the frequency your keywords show up in a body of text


The Benefits of Using This Tool

  • SEO Enhancement
  • Content Quality
  • Target Audience Engagement
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Strategy Development

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Keyword Density Calculator Calculator Documentation

For Users


This tool calculates the keyword density in web content, aiding in SEO optimisation. It analyses the frequency of specific keywords compared to the total word count.

How to Use Input Fields:

  • Total Word Count: Enter the total number of words in the content.
  • Keyword Frequency: Input how often the specific keyword appears in the content.

Calculating Keyword Density:

  • Click 'Calculate Density' to obtain the keyword density percentage.

Resetting Data:

  • Use the 'Reset' button to start a new calculation.

Tips for Accurate Calculations

  • Ensure accurate word and keyword frequency counts for precise density calculations.

For Developers

Application Structure

  • Utilises HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Key Functions include density calculation and input validation.


  • Modify CSS and JavaScript as needed for design and functional enhancements.

Responsive Design and Security

  • Uses responsive design principles and input sanitisation.

Testing and Deployment

  • Conduct thorough testing; compatible with standard deployment platforms.

Support and Contribution

  • For support or contributions, contact the development team or use the project's repository.