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Company Profile

Business Name: Steelmark PTY LTD

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Industry: Car Park Security Product Supplier

Business Type: Ecommerce


Timeframe: 24 Months (May 2021 – Current)

Services Offered: SEO, Google Ads, Website Maintenance & Development

Products: Bollards, Wheel Stops, Speed Humps, Hand Rails, Tactile Indicators, Bike Racks & more

Target Audience:

  • Construction & Trades Companies
  • General Public
  • Service Stations
  • Hotels
  • Schools

Objective of the Case Study:

The objective of this case is to showcase and document the strategies implemented which lead to Steelmark’s growth year on year.

Initial Challenges

Problem Identification:

  • Limited Online Visibility: The Steelmark wasn’t ranking for any high value revenue generating keywords so they were relying heavily on word of mouth, repeat customers and initially there Google Ads.
  • Manual Quoting – No way to automate freight calculation: A reliable online checkout method wasn’t set up so all inquiry’s were quoted via email leading to a high demand of administration work.
  • Minimal Website Traffic & Online Sales: Initially the website traffic received minimal site visits so the potential to sell wasn’t as high as what it is today.
  • Website Wasn’t Primed For SEO: The website was setup in a way where critical SEO strategies were not able to be applied, schema markup for example.

Potential Impact:

Combining all of these factors meant Steelmark was missing out on sales and traffic from a number of channels. On top of that customers couldn’t checkout from the website making the customer experience not as enjoyable as it could have been.

Strategies Implemented

Google Ads:

Steelmark 30 Day Google Ads Outlook - June - July 2023

Campaign Type: Search, Shopping & Display
Budget: $30,000 /month
Location Targeting: QLD, NSW, VIC, SA
Primary Conversions: Phone Calls, Form Submissions
Secondary Conversions: Online Sales, Emails

Shopping Ads: 2 shopping campaigns were set up to drive product related traffic. One campaign consisted of all the online products that were featured on the website and the second campaign had only the featured products that Steelmark was really trying to push (A number of Bollards and Wheel Stops). Each campaign had the “Maximum Conversions” Conversion type and was set to be displayed in the 4 primary states that Steelmark sell to.

Search Ads: 8 search campaigns were established, 4 locational based campaigns and 4 product related campaigns. The locational campaigns were created to drive traffic from specific locations towards their “Bollard” products whilst product campaign were setup around bollards, wheel stops, speed hump and hand rails. Each campaign was set to maximum conversions.

Display Ads: A display ad was set up in order to generate cheap traffic to establish an audience in Google Analytics that the primary campaigns could remarket to. This audience was also used to create look alike audiences giving the campaigns an extended list to advertise to.


Target Keywords:

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Google Reviews:

Screenshot 2023 07 30 110243

To build brand credibility we launched a Google My Business page for Steelmark and an email workflow that automatically sent an email to the purchasing customer once their order had been received. The email would request the customer to fill out a form rating their overall experience with Steelmark. From there, a second email was sent out asking the customers who enjoyed their experience to leave a Google review. If a customer was completely satisfied they were asked where the overall service could improve.

Implementing this system assisted with Steelmarks overall conversion rate from search engine traffic as well as their keyword rankings related to local SEO efforts.

Price Matching:

A comprehensive analysis is completed every quarter where we go through the products and prices of our 5 largest competitors and determine whether our own prices are suitably priced to compete. If we find any of our products that are competitive we will usually drop the price in order to increase the overall number of conversions.

Website Upgrade:

A website rebuild was completed to make the overall customer experience a bit nicer. We went into this rebuild with the goal of making the ability to browse and purchase products a bit easier for customers. Previously customers had to view each individual product category on a separate page on top of that bugs and errors had begun to creep in due to the website not being built properly or maintained.

On the new website, a shop page was built so customers could browse all individual categories and products without having to navigate to a separate page, navigation was added to a sidebar so that customers were able to view all store categories and simply select the ones they wanted to browse. We built in view types options so the product list could be seen in a list format or a product grid and gave the user controls on how many products they wanted to view at once and how they wanted to filter the product list.

Extra features were added like the ability to upsell products or add accessories to a product a customer can purchase in a bundle

60 Minute Quick Quotes:

A feature was added to the Steelmark business & website where a customer looking to purchase could click a button on the home page or fill out a form on the contact page, website footer or product page explaining which products the customer wants to purchase. The customers delivery details are captured and an email quote is then sent out by the Steelmark customer service team.

Automated Freight Calculation:

In order to implement online purchasing effectively on the website, we introduced a WordPress plugin called big post. This plugin used API to automatically calculate freighting costs by connecting to various carriers around Australia. With the addition of this plugin and checkout method, customers are now able to go through the online store, add their products to cart and get an automated freight estimation which has helped increase online conversions and sales automation.



In summary, Implementing the strategies mentioned above have led to consistent growth over a 2 year period, a higher conversion rate and significantly more website traffic. Steelmark has now expanded their customer service base, setting up a call centre overseas to keep up with the demand of quotes and further expand out their service. The next thing for them to implement will be some type of social media presence, doing this will help with the branding aspect of the business and will open up a new channel of potential sales and web traffic.


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